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Collaborative Whiteboard

Pencil Space is a digital workspace for visual collaboration where teachers and students can both engage in a lively learning environment.

Passive Watching

Active Learning

Video Calling

Get full video conferencing capabilities alongside the whiteboard for 1-on-1 or larger-sized group classes. No app install required.

Leader Mode

Teachers can "summon" all students to the same board view as and when they wish to gather the whole class' attention.

Get everyone on the same page.

Advanced tools for sharing, collaborating and classroom management

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PDF Support

Be it PDF worksheets or lecture notes, bring them into your Pencil Space to discuss live or send as homework assignments for students.

Teach with confidence.

Whatever the format.

Videos, Images, GIFs

Found a great explainer video on YouTube or a brilliant math illustration GIF on the interweb? Bring them into your Pencil Space to create an engaging learning experience.

Screen Sharing

Multiple teachers or students can share their screens simultaneously. Share either a specific window or browser tab or your entire desktop.

Live Chat

Send rich media messages or solicit questions from the class in the live chat. 

Math Formula Editor

Convert your hand-drawn formulas or directly input LaTex script and embed nicely formatted equations onto the whiteboard.

A tool to elevate your teaching.